How It All Started

The Monrovia Old Town Derby is a team of volunteers, headed by Jeff Hunt. It is comprised of local residents, parents and business owners, partnering to create opportunities and deepen our community engagement. This collaborative partnership comes together annually to raise funds for a variety of community youth-based organizations.

Approximately fifteen years ago, the City of Monrovia organized an annual soapbox derby. Though it was a much-loved, youth-focused event, the city decided after a seven or eight-year run that the cost and work involved for the various city departments were prohibitive, so the derby was sidelined. Soapbox derbies were still being held with great success in northern California and San Diego, and Jeff Hunt envisioned bringing back the soapbox derby to Monrovia.

Bringing back the Derby does not just raise money for our most valuable asset; our children, it instills confidence in them. It builds character and strengthens their sense of community. With the generosity of our donors and sponsors, we are able to place children from different social and economic backgrounds into cars. We are fortunate to be able to partner with Street Rods Forever. They are kind enough to grant us real estate at their annual car show, turning it into a combined event: old guys with cars hosting young kids with cars! It is a cohesive event that draws people from all over to our beloved Old Town, where they are introduced to many of our shops, restaurants & businesses.
We are blessed to hold this event in beautiful Old Town Monrovia. We are thankful to the City for their assistance making this event successful, to the Old Town merchants that support us & the street closure, to the amazing sponsors that make our dream a reality, to our team that coordinates the event, to the volunteers that work tirelessly to pull it all together, to the parents that work with their kids to build cars, confidence & memories and to the kids that cross the finish line with a smile that gleams with such pride, joy & accomplishment, thank you! It truly takes a village, and we are very thankful to call Monrovia ours!

See you at the Finish Line!

Jeff Hunt and his son Aiden putting a finished derby car on the truck
Assembling some derby cars in auditorium